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Drowsy driving can cause car accidents, personal injury

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Drowsy driving can be as dangerous as drunk driving. According to the Wall Street Journal, sleeping only four hours a night for five nights in a row can have the same effect on the body as being awake for 24 straight hours, which is the equivalent to legal drunkenness. Put that feeling behind the wheel, and you could be driving towards a potential car accident.

Car accidents caused by drowsy driving can be prevented. Our Toledo, Ohio personal injury attorneys encourage drivers to get enough sleep before a long drive, or pull over if you feel yourself becoming drowsy. Drooping eyelids, excessive yawning, drifting in the lane, or nodding off are all important signs to watch out for. The National Safety Council recommends not driving between midnight and 6am, and having a driving partner. Delaying a trip for 30 minutes to pull over and take a nap is a small price to pay if it means preventing a car accident and potential personal injury or wrongful death.