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Full coverage doesn't always give full protection in event of a car accident

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Most families do everything they can to protect their children and loved ones, including purchasing full coverage auto insurance that will provide coverage in the event of a car accident.


But some Ohioans are finding out that the coverage they thought would cover everything is covering hardly anything at all.


According to MSNBC, some families are encountering a gap in their auto coverage called the “intrafamily exclusion.” This loophole allows insurance companies to deny coverage for passengers in the car suffering personal injury, if the driver of the vehicle caused the car accident. Without this exclusion, underinsured or uninsured motorist coverage would normally pay the medical bills associated with the car accident.


A family from Allen County, Ohio discovered this gap in coverage after the father caused a car accident, causing one of his children to lose her life and the other two children to suffer personal injury. Under the intrafamily exclusion, their insurance company only paid the $5,000 medical payments coverage – not nearly enough to cover the cost of the medical bills, let alone provide compensation for a young life lost.


Our Toledo, Ohio, car accident attorneys urge drivers to go over their policies with their insurance agent, to ensure they are properly covered. Reading the fine print could save you down the road. Protect yourself and your family by purchasing underinsured and uninsured motorist coverage to ensure maximum recovery in the event of a car accident.