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If you're hurt, go see your doc

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It always bothers me, after 24 years as a personal injury attorney in Findlay, Toledo and throughout northwest Ohio, to see clients destroy their cases by not getting consistent treatment for their injuries.

I am a strong believer that actions speak louder than words. Someone who is legitimately hurt seeks medical treatment in a consistent and timely matter. A client has a duty to ask tough questions and be proactive with his attorney and doctor.

Over the years, I have seen on a regular basis the insurance company make the following arguments against some of my clients:

1. The client missed 75% of his physical therapy visits. If the injury was that serious, the client would have followed the doctor’s orders.

2. There is a 60-day gap from the emergency room visit until the first doctor’s visit. The injury you are claiming must be the result of some other trauma that happened in the 60-day time period.

3. Your client treated for 6 months on a regular basis and then returned to work. There is a 3-month gap of no treatment and then the client gets surgery. Some work related issue must be the cause of the surgery. We will pay for the 6 months of treatment.

Consistent treatment and documentation is the key to proving your case. Act as a reasonable person under the circumstances. Your actions speak louder to the insurance company than your excuses.

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