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Keep trick-or-treaters safe this Halloween from pedestrian car accidents

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Trick-or-treating on Halloween brings of kids out of their homes and into the neighborhoods in search of a coveted treat – candy.

But before the kids are out roaming the streets, it is important for parents to remind what adults covet – their children’s safety.

Keep your kids safe and free from pedestrian car accidents this Halloween by following these important safety tips. Our lawyers encourage parents to take an active role in trick-or-treating, regardless of a child’s age, in order to prevent wrongful death from pedestrian accidents.

• Never walk behind cars, even if they are parked.

Cars that appear to be parked may have drivers behind the wheel. Avoid backover accidents by always staying in clear view of a driver and never behind a vehicle. Never dart from behind a parked car to cross the street. Drivers don’t expect to see people crossing in the middle of the road, and may not see you.

• Stick to sidewalks.

When possible, always use sidewalks, and stay out of the road. If you must walk in the street, make sure to walk on the left side of the road, against traffic. That way you can see approaching cars, and they have a better chance of seeing you. Stay as close as possible to the shoulder of the road to avoid being struck by a passing car, and if walking in a group, walk single-file.

• Don’t touch dogs that are unfamiliar with you.

Even the friendliest dogs get spooked on Halloween and have the potential to bite. Don’t pet any dog before getting permission from the owner, and remember that just because you recognize a neighbor’s dog doesn’t mean he recognizes you, especially if you are in costume. The dog could see you as a threat and attack. If you have permission to pet the dog, allow him to smell your hand and clothing first.

If you or someone you know had suffered injuries from a pedestrian car accident, order your free copy of The Ohio Accident Book by contacting our office today. Our Toledo, Ohio car accident attorneys are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.