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Prevent personal injuries from ATV accidents

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All-terrain vehicles are too dangerous for most children to handle, according to the Alberta Centre for Injury Control and Research in Canada.


Many ATV accidents in Toledo and throughout northwest Ohio could be avoided by preventing children under the age of 16 from riding the fun, but dangerous vehicles.


The popular Yamaha Rhino has caused a number of ATV accidents, resulting in serious personal injury and wrongful death, according to the Jere Beasley Report. The Rhino’s tall, top-heavy design and narrow wheelbase could make the ATV tip over, even at a low speed or when making a normal turn. Severe personal injuries can occur when occupants put their arms or legs outside of the ATV in an effort to stop it from tipping.


The heavy vehicle can crush the limbs, which may result in the need for surgeries, skin grafts, or amputations. In some cases, accidents have led to ATV fatalities. 


As summer approaches and families spend more time outside using outdoor recreational vehicles, our Toledo, Ohio, personal injury attorneys urge parents to take extra caution if you choose to let your child ride on an ATV. Always make sure that they are wearing a helmet and seatbelt, and are supervised by a responsible adult at all times. Prevent personal injury and ATV accidents by encouraging safe driving. Avoid quick turns, high speeds, or irresponsible maneuvers.