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Ohio Booster Seat Law Goes Into Effect

Ohio’s new booster seat law went into affect six months ago. But during those months violators were given warnings. Starting today, those that break the law can expect to receive a ticket…

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Findlay, Ohio car accident lawyer gets blasted in newspaper | Findlay, Ohio car accident lawyer

When Toledo, Ohio car accident lawyer Dale Emch wrote a Toledo Blade article on Intra Family Exclusions, he didn’t expect to receive such a harsh response from a local insurance agent in a Letter to…

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Findlay, Ohio car accidents can happen even in the driveway | Findlay, Ohio car accident lawyers

How many fatal car accidents occur each year that don’t happen in traffic?

According to The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, over 33 people die and 16,000 are injured each week in…

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Findlay, Ohio car accident Dale Emch on intra family exclusions | Findlay, Ohio car accident attorneys

Findlay, Ohio car accident lawyer Dale Emch wrote a very interesting article in the Toledo Blade on intra family exclusions in auto insurance policies. He has posted it on his Toledo, Ohio car…

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Is your family protected from a Findlay, Ohio car accident?

Even though you buy full coverage auto insurance to protect you and your family in an Ohio car accident doesn’t mean that you will be fully covered.

Our Toledo, Ohio car accident lawyers see…

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August worse than January for driving | Ohio car accident lawyers

The NHTSA also reported that speeding is a factor in 30% of all fatal car accidents, 18% of daylight car accidents were alcohol-related, and 54% of nighttime car accidents were alcohol-related.

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Bus safety part II | Ohio bus accident lawyers

The recent Toledo, Ohio bus accident involving a van and a bus carrying Toledo high school students has brought the issue of bus safety to light in the northwest Ohio area.

February’s issue of…

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Ohio bus accident injures 13 | Ohio bus accident lawyers

Bowser high school student Josh Sonora, Jr. speaks on the Ohio bus accident he was recently involved in.

The Toledo Public School bus, carrying 10 high school students from different area…

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Ohio fatal teen car accident lawyers | US cities with most fatal teen car accidents

Our Toledo, Ohio fatal car accident lawyers see the devastation that deadly car accidents can have. While fatal car accidents can happen to anyone, car accidents are the leading cause of death among…

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Ohio car accident layer on rental agreements and deposits

Ohio car accident lawyer Dale Emch discusses rental agreements and deposits in his December 21, 2008 Legal Briefs column. If you have a general legal question on Ohio car accidents, Ohio dog bites,…