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Chuck Boyk

Toledo, Ohio car accident attorney Dale Emch on neighboring properties and liability

Check out Toledo, Ohio car accident attorney Dale Emch’s most recent “Legal Briefs” column found in the Toledo Blade. Attorney Emch welcomes all general legal questions, including those pertaining…

Chuck Boyk

If a contractor injures himself at your home, are you responsible?

Toledo, Ohio car accident attorney Dale Emch answers general legal questions relating to many subjects including car accidents, personal injury, workers compensation, and trucking accidents, in his…

Anneke Kurt

Toledo, Ohio dog bite attorney voices opposition to Ohio bill

Attorney Dale Emch testified recently in front of the Ohio House Infrastructure, Homeland Security, and Veterans Affairs committee to oppose HB 366, which would declassify pit bulls as vicious dogs. As a Toledo, Ohio dog bite attorney, Dale Emch has seen the extensive damage pit bulls can cause in the blink of an eye. Injuries to his clients led him to speak out against a bill that’s being…

Anneke Kurt

Toledo six-year-old suffers personal injury from dog bite attack

Six-year-old Rashad Mathis suffered serious personal injury Monday after he was mulled by a rottweiler near his home, according to the Toledo Blade. The boy had dog bites to his face, mouth and ear as well as personal injuries to his arms and legs. Our Toledo, Ohio dog bite attorneys see cases where children suffer personal injury resulting from dog bites, many of which require plastic surgery,…

Chuck Boyk

Kids left unattended with pits bulls and loaded rifle

Five children were left home alone in a house filled with pit bulls and a loaded rifle on August 28th, according to the Toledo Blade, resulting in a child endangerment charge for the kids’ mother. Alison Gilmore allegedly left the children unattended in the house the family shared with the dogs, and it was apparent that pit bull fighting had occurred on the premises. A picture window overlooked…

Shannon Weidemann

Dayton Animal Shelter Overrun by Pitbulls

The Montgomery County Animal Control Shelter is operating at 145 percent of capacity due to a recent intake of pit bulls. The pit bulls were seized in raids and need to be held while the cases work their way through court. It has cost approximately $60,000 to care for the animals since July. Some shelter workers have been bitten by the dogs as they break up fights and move the dogs for cage…