Findlay, Ohio


Chuck Boyk

Prevent truck accidents this winter, be extra cautious on ice and snow

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, one in eight fatal car accidents in 2004 resulted from a collision involving a large truck.

The heavy weight of the vehicle makes…

Chuck Boyk

Reinstated trial ends in plaintiff verdict after Ohio trucking accident

A case handled by our Toledo, Ohio trucking accident attorneys that had initially dismissed in Wood County Court of Common Pleas was reversed early this year, and the reinstated trial took place on…

Chuck Boyk

Toledo, Ohio trucking accident lawyers win trial after decision reversal

On April 21, 2002, our client Sean McMahon, an over-the-road trucker, was parked late at night at the Stony Ridge truck stop in Wood County. He left his truck and observed a fight between one truck…

Chuck Boyk

Wood County jury awards $1.25 million to trucking accident victim

A jury in Wood County awarded $1.25 to a truck driver who suffered personal injury and had to have his leg amputated after a trucking accident.

On April 21, 2002, a client our Toledo, Ohio truck…

Chuck Boyk

Trucking accident causes wrongful death to three women, verdict of $18 million to families

Trucking accidents can cause horrible injuries – even death. The vast weight of semi trucks make it harder for them to stop than smaller cars, and their large size can cause worse damage. A…

Chuck Boyk

Protect yourself from trucking accidents this summer

Summertime brings the kids out of school and families to their vacation destinations. This also means more cars are out, sharing the roads with semi trucks. According to Road Safe America, more than…

Anneke Kurt

Truck accident near Toledo, Ohio causes personal injury

At least one person suffered personal injury last Thursday when a truck accident occurred near Maumee Bay State Park, according to the Toledo Blade. The truck accident happened at State Rt. 2 and N. Curtice Road, and the intersection was closed shortly after when the semi-truck spilled oil onto the road. Our Toledo, Ohio truck accident attorneys urge drivers to be careful on the roads, in order…

Anneke Kurt

Trucks, snowplows can cause truck accidents on icy roads

Trucks and other heavy motor vehicles have a harder time stopping than smaller cars, especially on ice and snow. Truck accidents involving semis and snowplows are frequent during the winter months, as ice makes roads slippery, and snow can affect visibility. Another common cause of truck accidents is fishtailing, when the rig connected to the cab of a semi truck goes in the opposite direction of…

Anneke Kurt

Fulton County truck accident causes personal injury to children

At least three people suffered personal injury in Fulton County on Wednesday, after two semi-trucks and an SUV collided in a truck accident, according to the Toledo Blade. The truck accident caused two children to be airlifted to a local hospital for personal injuries. Our Toledo, Ohio truck accident attorneys see firsthand the affects personal injury resulting from a truck accident can have on…

Dale Emch

Tiffin student passes away after accident with truck

Justin Passarge, a University of Tiffin football player, died today as the result of a traffic accident that occurred last week.Mr. Passarge and two other students from the university, located about 25 miles northeast of Findlay, Ohio, were in an accident on April 3 on County Road 38 in Pleasant Township, according to an article in the Toledo Blade.Police said Mr. Passarge failed to stop at a…