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Judge who filed $54 million lawsuit over lost pants lost his lawsuit – the legal profession lost much more

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An administrative law judge who filed a $54 million lawsuit after claiming his dry cleaners lost his pants lost his case today. Reason obviously prevailed.

The lawsuit was an embarrassment for all lawyers – not just trial lawyers – because it did further damage to our profession. It allowed the people who are trying to curtail the rights of the injured and wronged to point to an obvious abuse as if it were business as usual.

The net effect is that anti-little guy legislation gets passed on the basis of these kinds of sensational and completely non-representative stories. So, not only does the legal profession suffer, but the regular guy who has a legitimate injury or complaint has trouble getting justice because of unfair, burdensome statutes.

Today was a victory, but a lot of damage was done along the way. To learn more about what happened, check out the story ABC News posted online.