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Learn how to protect yourself from dog bites, personal injury

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There are few things scarier than a dog about to attack. Vicious dogs or not, dog bites can cause serious personal injury, including permanent scarring and emotional distress.

In order to prevent dog bites, the Humane Society suggests standing still and straight, like a tree, instead of running away from an approaching dog. Do not yell or wave your arms at a dog.

If the dog does start to attack, prevent personal injury by lying on the ground in the fetal position, using your hands to cover your face and neck. The American Kennel Club recommends to leave alone dogs you are unfamiliar with, or those who are sleeping, eating, or caring for their puppies.

Our Toledo, Ohio dog bite attorneys have seen the devastation that personal injury from dog bites can cause, especially to children. They recommend teaching your kids about dogs and their habits, and never leaving them unattended with any animal.