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Truck accident near Toledo, Ohio causes personal injury

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At least one person suffered personal injury last Thursday when a truck accident occurred near Maumee Bay State Park, according to the Toledo Blade. The truck accident happened at State Rt. 2 and N. Curtice Road, and the intersection was closed shortly after when the semi-truck spilled oil onto the road.

Our Toledo, Ohio truck accident attorneys urge drivers to be careful on the roads, in order to prevent truck accidents. Semi trucks are different that other motor vehicles, and it is important to remember that it takes them more time to stop than lighter cars. Always wear your seatbelt, obey all posted traffic signs and speed limits, and never cut in front of a semi-truck before an upcoming stop. It takes a semi-truck three times as long to stop than a normal passenger vehicle, according to roadsafeamerica.org. Remember never to pass a semi-truck that is attempting to turn, in order to prevent a truck accident and potential personal injury, as semis make wider turns than shorter cars. Stay out of a trucker’s blind spot – if you can’t see a truck’s mirrors, the truck driver can’t see you!